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I've been away for so long...

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 7:41 AM
I think some of you guys know that I've been away because there was a lot going on in my real life I had to deal with.
Now my long vacation has arrived, and I am finally free.
I was like, yay! I can draw now!
But I figured out I cannot draw comics and pictures like I used to back then.
It's not like I don't love TF anymore. I look at people's art and fics.
But when I try to create, I just can't, and I don't know why.
So instead of pushing my self, I just decided this would be a good time for my improvement in drawing or whatever.
I will be drawing random stuff until the will comes back.

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knighty424's Profile Picture
Nice to meet you:)
I made a DA account because I wanted to see and fave people's great art!
I also post things I draw for fun.…

Art thief beating stick stamp by vusionary  Not free - link plz by Nesspire

I got my art stolen before. This user has closed his/her account, but I was so disappointed...and I'm kinda' paranoid now.
I only post my works on pixiv, deviantart, my own blog, and FFN. If you ever see my works in other places or someone impersonating me PLEASE let me know, and, if you can, tell the damn art thief that it's not his/her art.
Exception is Tumblr. If it has the original link, and no one is impersonating me, that's fine.


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SumairiiSan Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there. There is a tutorial contest on #Muslim-Manga and I thought you might be interested in participating ^_^将来にも漫画コンテストがありますよ。
TeaPartyAtTheMalfoys Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student General Artist
thank you so very much for the fave!
RushinRoulette Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Thanks for the fave
Knockout561 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the watch
knighty424 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012
NP :)
james539 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
Hey I think its great you took the time to color/make your avatar, and personly I think its one of the nicer looking OC out there.

But I'm just letting you know the person you got the bases off Desertengel, is a thief of the group that put the time and effort into making the base and animations she's claiming as her own.

hears the link to there Ponychan boards
And webiste
knighty424 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
WHAT?! Thanks for telling me!
Which page should I put up in my description so the credits can go to the original?
And tell me, is it even okay if I continue using this icon I have now??

If my icon and this deviation is violating the copyright, I want to take it down...
james539 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
We've been talking to her about the sprites and she has updated her page to include links to the project.

If you would like to link back to her gallery thats fine.
james539 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
The website would be the best as it links to the other two pages.

Your not violating any copyright, so don't worry about that ^.^

thanks for understanding also your art an't bad keep it up.
knighty424 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
Thank you for the reply. I will put up the link to the website then.
I'm also glad to know that I wasn't violating any art :)

Thank you very much for the compliment too! I am a starter in drawing and pixel art, so I will work harder!
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